Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here's the latest from Kuyler, I think he means July not June. He's already lost track of time.

It's so good to hear from everyone! Well, I've been here two weeks now (almost) and now I have less than a week left! I got my flight plans a few days ago. I will leave the MTC on monday June 11 at 5:30 pm, leave from SLC around 8:30 and arrive in LAX at about 10:00, I am there for about an hour and fly out at about 11:00 and then arrive in SYD around 7:30 am on Wednesday June 13.. hahah i will never experience a June 12, 2011!
It's amazing how much more comfortable one more week at the MTC has made me about serving a mission! I have learned so much about how the gospel can bless people's lives and how significant the spirit is! The leaders and other missionaries here are all amazing in their own way. One of my companions got paired up with someone else, so now it's just Elder Watkins and I, and we are doing really well together!
We had a partiotic based devotional on saturday night where we got to listen to a member who served as a assistant to three Presidents of the United States! (not sure which ones, probably the 3 most recent). His talk was really good, it basically made us thankful for the freedom that we enjoy. Afterward, we got to go outside and catch a glimpse of the fireworks at Lavell Edwards, we couldn't see them very well because of the trees but it was still fun! They gave us ice cream!
Yesterday didn't even feel like the 4th of July at all! It was just another routine day with no difference! When I thought about what you guys were doing at home right then, it didn't even seem like that could be happening because it was just a normal day for me! I hope it was super fun though! I'm glad to hear that clearfield had good fireworks! The ones at the Stadium of Fire were kinda lame... from what I could tell, maybe its just because i was a few miles away.
Anyway I'm super excited to go to Australia! I can't wait to teach people! Send me lot's a pictures!! :)
Love, Elder Thompson

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