Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's November!!!

November 12, 2013
Hey there!

Sorry about the delay of my messages. Things are crazy as ever! Starting to calm down though so that's good. Lot's of our missionaries have been on foot and riding buses and trains and stuff lately because we have enough cars for about 85 missionaries but we have 200 missionaries. We just got approval for 25 new cars though, which will get here next week. We'll have them out in the next transfer! It's better for missionaries to be walking around though, so they can talk to everyone. I hope they don't get too attached to their cars. Cars are good for transporting people to conferences and appointments and stuff, but when it comes down to it: It's better to have missionaries being walking billboards.

We just had a zone conference yesterday with 3 zones & there were 80 people involved. It was HUGE. Doing the training was pretty fun. My companions and I trained on revelation through the Book of Mormon. Specifically how investigators can receive revelation through the Book of Mormon. We all did role plays and it was pretty fun. Before everyone split off to go practice teaching in different rooms, we had one companionship come to the front and demonstrate teaching President and Sister Lew about the Book of Mormon. They took on the role of a young Buddhist couple. It was really interesting..

We had a cool experience this week on an exchange. We were going to be trading off with some Zone Leaders. When we got to the place they told us to meet them, we sat down on some chairs outside a house and there was 5 missionaries and a guy named Casper. Casper was their potential investigator. We didn't want it to be awkward to begin the trade off right there, and we didn't know what was going on so we all just began teaching him. He had been to church a few times already but this was Caspers first lesson. It was a little weird to teach as a companionship of 5 but it actually turned out really well and it was one of the best lessons I've ever been a part of. Not because our teaching was magnificent but because Casper was so humble and so prepared. We set a baptismal date with him, 3 minutes into the lesson.  He is really golden. He has had a really rough life. Full of drugs and alcohol and extreme violence etc.. He is completely ready to change and he was really comforted by the things he learned. He will be a terrific convert. 

That's just a few of the things that have happened lately :) 

I'm hanging in there, it's definitely a strange feeling to know that I'll be home soon. I'll be really sad to leave. Not sure what I'll do when I get home. I had a list of 3 things I wanted to do. 

1. Go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned.
2. Spend a day at the spa. (massage, mud bath, sauna, etc..)
3. Get surgery on my toes.

I already got surgery on my toes though so now I just have a list of 2 things that I really want to do.
Have you gotten an email about when I arrive home or anything? If not, you could probably email the office and ask. 

Anyway, hope that you forgive me for being bad at writing lately. I'll see you soon anyway :)

Love, Elder Thompson

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