Monday, March 19, 2012

Change of Seasons

Dear Mom and Dad, 

Yes, this week has been super crazy! One of our Zone Leaders was on an extension for 6 weeks but his family called and asked If they could have him home a week early so he left one week before transfers. That means we only had one Zone leader for a week, Elder Fornaro, he is awesome! Since his companion was gone, Elder Russell, He, and I were in a trio. and we had to cover two areas for a week. It was super busy to say the least but really fun! We had a Zone Conference this last week too so I got to see President and Sis Simmons. That's why you got the picture of us with her. It was an amazing conference, the spirit was so strong and I got to see some people from the MTC! So it looks like Elder Russell and I will have this one last transfer together before I will be running the Manly area. That's scary to think but it will all be good! I am so excited to be here on a mission! It's weird to think that's its nearly April and I've been here since January. Doesn't feel that long at all. Probably because it really hasn't been very long. I have a LONG way to go still haha. 

I think I am getting my bearings as a missionary better and better. Hopefully one day I will have enough experience to know whats always going on. I think I know a lot more than I think i do though. I just always feel a little lost. but thats probably just part of being a missionary. It would be no fun if there was no uncertainty! That's what keeps it interesting! I have learned that I really love change! Things just get boring if they stay the same all the time. It's nice to change things up and challenge yourself every once in a while, if not frequently!  Set my first every baptismal date this week. 11 year old named Deacon! he is super cool!  Kids learn so easily, it's amazing! he is scheduled to get baptized April 21st because they are going to new Zealand for 3 weeks.  I'm really excited though! It's probably been like 7-9 months since there was a baptism in this area! This transfer we hope to get like at least 2!  It's so awesome to see a child of god enter the waters of baptism.  

Sounds like everything is running pretty smoothly at home! I miss everyone for sure! Sorry I'm a day late to reply. Transfers delay our p day. I look forward to getting pictures from home! I love you! 
Love, Elder Thompson

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