Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is in the air, or is that fall for you?

Dear Mom and Dad,

I had no doubt that the package would be coming soon :) Thats awesome to hear that spring is coming around! The 60's is almost the perfect weather! The weather here is starting to cool dawn quite a bit, which is nice. Really really nice! Soon we'll be able to go out on the sand of the beaches and play rugby and stuff! Still won't be able to swim, but that's ok, ocean water tasted like salt anyway (thats how i defer myself from fantasizing about surfing). That dang wind storm ruined our pool cover?? Curses! 

Holy cow! Kolton is always winning stuff! What a lucky guy! I'm so jealous.. I don't know how the heck he wins so much stuff. Jazz season tickets, nascar tickets, pretty much can win anything he wants! I wonder whats next! hahaha I want some pictures of Tage and Alisons new house, thats so exiting! And also about tage being ordained an Elder, thats just so so so so awesome. I am so joyous about that! He'll be able to give his baby girl a blessing in a few months. :) 

Sounds like you are having a good weekend and a nice layed back sunday! Something I miss dearly, but not THAT much :) haha That's pretty crazy about the farewells today! I can't beleive they put that many people in one church building! maybe they should have moved it to the conference center! 

I email derek and ryan every week but I need to figure out some other friends email addresses. They are having such a great time! Africa sounds really comical! We haven't had daylight saving here yet, i think it's pretty soon though. I should probably find out though, hahah just one day I would randomly be an hour early for everything. The door handle into our flat still isn't fixed yet. We did get a new lounge though from a member while helping him move! It's so comfy! Our old couches were terrible! 

Things are going really well here! I don't feel like I've been here very long.. and I haven't. haha I look forward to the rest of my mission and all the things that I will accomplish witht the help of the Lord. I love the people here so much. The pictures of people I am with are the Wixom's who are american and just left to go live back in Dallas. They are so awesome! I think they added me on facebook so make sure their friend request gets accepted! The other guy in named Josh Fakai and he just left today on his mission. He is on his way to provo and will serve in the phillipines. He is super cool and looks just like will smith huh? Anyway, I'm about out of time. Keep up the fun at home for me! 

Love, Elder Thompson

Dear Makayla, 

I sure loved your pipe cleaner braid you made for me! Green Bay Packers colors. That's absolutely right! I have it on my desk and look at it every day and think about you! 

Love, Uncle Elder Thompson

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