Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March is going going gone like a lamb.

Dear Mom and Dad, 

Hopefully I can finish this whole email without falling asleep!!! I'm soooooo tired right now! Elder Russell and I went to Toronga zoo today! We saw all sorts of cool animals! I wish I could send pictures right now but i forgot to bring my camera with me to email! I put brand new batteries in right before we left and my camera died on me, I took so many pictures. There was this really cool gondola thing that we rode and it had an awesome view of the Harbor and the bridge and the opera house!! There was a bird show and a seal show that we went to, it was really awesome :) 

Last week, the zone leaders organized a district leader council with the district leader from the other district in our zone and while they were doing that, the other Elder who wasn't a zone or district leader, and I went out on the streets where we had never been and started talking to people! I met this girl who was over here going to school from Chicago and she was a Packers fan! It was awesome. I also gave out a Book of Mormon to this really cool guy. That was pretty fun! There was one day this last week that was so crazy! things just kept getting moved and post ponied and rescheduled and everything! It was awesome, I took a picture of the page in my planner just because it was so hectic! 

The work is really picking up in this area right now. It's such a blessing! It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, mental, spiritual, and physical effort.  I like it when things are busy, it is so so so tiring though, so I have to make sure that I don't ever get lazy. The nights sleep here is like a blink. It stinks so bad!!!!! Doesn't feel like I get any sleep at all! And I can't get any shut eye during lunch or anything because the birds are WAY too loud and annoying!! You don't realize it but Utah is so silent! It's like being in a library compared to here. I really don't know how I keep going. The Lord is my fuel. Sometimes it doesn't feel like I can keep going and then next minute it's already been a week and I don't even remember anything that happened! Yesterday was my 2 month mark! 22..ish? to go? I'm not really sure how it will work out when I come home haha 

Missionary work is really hard. But it is so worth it if you work your hardest. Results only come from hard work, and results are what keep the motor running. Tomorrow we get to go to the temple, I'm really excited, it's been forever since I have been! it'll be interesting to go to the Sydney temple too, I've heard it's really pretty! 

My birthday this year is on Easter! I'm not really sure what they do to celebrate Easter here, I guess I'll find out though. I'm expecting to get a lot of chocolate from people. I love chocolate!!! So we don't get to watch general conference live here.... :( We don't get to watch it til like the third week of April... such a bummer! I'm really excited for  General Conference this year, I just know that the Authorities are really going to lay it down strong! Something I really want: a big American flag. I was going to get one here but they are like $100.. no joke! Tonight we are going to a member's house to have some homemade real Italian lasagna made by a real Italian! I'm really excited! I'm already most like about 1/3 of the way done with this area! Missionaries usually stay in an area about 6 months and after this transfer I'll be halfway done! It'll be so hard to leave all these people that I can spent so much time getting to know. 

Hey Dad, something funny, I still have a distinct memory of when you asked me if I wanted to be in AM or PM kindergarten. We were riding in the suburban I think and I remember answering "AM" with confidence and not even knowing what you were talking about! Just a random thought. 

This week has been awesome and things are only going to get better! I love you both so much and miss you heaps! I'm so excited for Tage and getting the Melchizedek Priesthood! I sure could go for a Tony Burger right now! hahaha well! Til next time! Have fun in the promised land! 

Love, Elder Thompson

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