Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Showers

Mom and Dad, 

I can't wait to watch conference!! I have never been so excited to watch it and receive new counsel from our prophet, aspostles, and other authorities! I just love president Monson. I got the DVD about his life called on the Lrds errand for $2 when I went to the distribution center after the temple. Going to the Temple was awesome. I wish we could go every week!! It just pumps you up! I also got the churches latest Almanac for free which has heaps of awesome information about the church, it's people and statistics. 

We do have a loud air con unit that is good white noise which helps me sleep but we don't really use it anymore because it is cooling down now. The dryer is a pretty good white noise though so maybe I'll try that! Put me to sleep just like when I was a baby!

Lot's of miracles have been happening. While I was on exchanges, Elder Fornaro and I were at the chapel while the baptismal font was filling up for an 8 yr old's baptism and I looked outside and saw this girl maybe earlys 20's walking past and felt all of a sudden a prompting that she needed to be talked to. I was in the building though and so I couldn't get out there in time to talk to her as she was almost out of my sight so I just kinda forgot about it. A few minutes later I looked out the front doors and saw a faint reflection off the glass door and who was just outside talking to a member?  It was that girl! Turns out, a member just simply waved to her and then she came walking over and said she was new to the area and had been wondering what time our church services were at. I believe that she had been prepared to receive the gospel and that the Lord had reached out to her. I think she came to church yesterday. I'll have to check. She would have gone to the other ward. 

This week in the Manly area we had 4 new investigators. 2 of them are a Professional Rugby player and his girlfriend. Can you believe that?? He is really cool! It's a good thing I'm not familiar with all their pro athletes and stuff or else I would probably be star struck. I think we might be allowed to go to one of his games too :) His name is George Rose and he plays for the Manly Sea Eagles. he is really big! hahaha His girlfriend is really awesome too. They are so humble. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they understood and accepted very well. 

That's good to hear that you got treatment for your knee before things got too bad. Hopefully it doesn't affect you too bad in the future! I'll look forward to hearing about how is it healing. Make sure you get a blessing! 

I'm excited for my birthday next week! It'll be easter so people are proabably going to give me heaps of chocolate! I can't wait! Too bad I won't get to watch conference on my birthday though :( I think my package has come already, I got a card to redeem it at the post office. We went to go pick it up that day but the card said to pick it up after 4:30 but the office closed at 5. We made it to the post office on time.. wrong post office.. hurried to the next post office on time.. wrong post office.. had a few minutes to get to the post office that we knew for sure was it (because someone finally gave us the address) but there was a guy who we helped change a flat tire.. so we didn't make it to the post office on time but we got to be in the right place at the right time. That's a miracle! I'm going to go pick it up today. I can't decide if I want to wait until my birthday to open it though.. Today I am going to the mission office for special training that goes all the way until tomorrow. Elder Russell isn't going to the training so he'll be in a different area. I'm pretty excited to learn! I love being on a mission! It's super fun! Have a great Easter weekend next week! I love you Mom and Dad and everyone who reads this! 

Love, Elder Thompson

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