Tuesday, April 17, 2012

He is Risen

Dear Mom and Dad, 

It's been a really good week! Kinda slow though because of General Conference and having our car break down! When we went to go on exchanges with the Assistants to the president, Elder Lyman and I left in their car to go do our thing and Elder Russell and Elder Whalley went to our car. We got a call from them a few minutes later saying that the car wouldn't start, so they just stayed and talked to everyone that was on the street. The next morning at about 7:30am when we were having the car towed, this lady's car was boxed in by us and the tow truck so I went and talked to her, while Elder Russell steered the car onto the flat bed. She was really friendly and had never seen missionaries before or know who mormons were. I quickly taught her what we do and handed her a card we have which has four questions on it. I explained to her that we help people find the answers to the questions on the card. I asked her which one stood out most to her and she got a little emotional and replied 'where do we go after this life?". She then explained that 6 months prior, her baby boy was killed in a car accident and she was really troubled whether or not he was ok. The spirit was strong. I bore my testimony of what I know to be true about life after death and the plan for our salvation. I told her our story about Tanner, and then told her that just as I know I'll get to meet my brother one day, she has the ability of one day being together with her son again. Forever.  I could tell that she had been comforted and I asked her if we could teach her more another time and she was very open to it. She lived out of our area so I referred her to another companionship and have yet to hear how it went after that. When I finished talking to her we went and hopped in the tow truck to head to the dealership to get the car fixed. They said they would have the car done by about 5pm. Later that day after we had walked all the way to an appointment. it was about 4pm and we noticed that we have a new voice message on our phone that came at about 10 am. Our car was done. and we had walked around on a hot day for nothing! hahaha turns out that when they got the car it worked perfectly for them and they discovered that our Corolla had experienced a malfunction that only 3 other cars of it's model had ever had. It was about a one in 10,000 chance and once it happens, as far as they know, the car should never have it happen again. That dealership never worked on a car with the problem before and toyota doesn't have a solution for it yet. 1 in 10,000 chance. and it happened in perfect time to find this woman who needed the comfort and healing powers of the atonement, the restoration of the gospel, and the holy ghost. We would normally not be out of the flat this early. if it weren't for the car getting towed. We would have missed her. and ultimately nothing was wrong with the car. These are the kind of miracles that we experience every single day. When you devote all your time to service, your eyes are opened to all sorts of things in which the Lord's hand is very prominent. I'm so thankful for this opportunity. 

Tomorrow, we have another conference thing in which Elder Pearson, the area Authority is coming to speak and lead a training thing. I'm really excited about that. Our family that left to new zealand just got back yesterday and so we went to visit them last night real quick but we are going to pick up right where we left off! Those kids are cute as, i need to get a picture with them! They were so excited to see us last night but they were all really tired from all the travel! 

Looks like it's been an awesome week for the family! Time is just going by so fast! I love to hear what's going on every week! About bishop's daughter, I'm not sure who that is.. she lived after getting run over by a car twice?? that's a miracle! I haven't heard anything about mother's day yet, when is it? I'll let you know if we skype for it.
For my birthday I went and got an Aussie rule's football, football. and we have been kicking and throwing and punching it almost everywhere we go. Today we are probably going to go kick it around on Brookvale Oval where the Manly Sea Eagles play. their stadium is just a public park so anyone can just go run around in it if they want. It's awesome! Some people also gave us some sweet aboriginal stuff. A wooden snake and a genuine dot painting! It was pretty sweet. 

I look forward to next week! Thanks so much for all of your sacrifices. I love you both and thank you for all your prayers. Make next week another spirit filled fun week! The church is true! 

Love, Elder Thompsom

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