Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Showers 2

Mom and Dad, 

It's been obviously another awesome week on the mission. This Wednesday will be my 3 month mark and it doesn't feel like I've been here more than 3 weeks! I can't believe how fast time is going by. I only have 1 year and 9 months left. but I don't like to look at it that way. I like to think that no matter how far into the mission I get, I'll always have 2 whole years left.

Some information about missionary things. We all went to the beach last week and buried each other in sand. It was super fun! I've only been to the beach like 3 times in my life! When I was stuck in the sand, they starting tickling me and I couldn't move so all I could do was sit there and scream..... that stunk! We also got to see our first Netball game. It's like a weird version of basketball that is like mixed with ultimate frisby.. All the girls play it here. and the hoop they throw the ball through doesn't even have a net! ????? hahaha oh well. One of the little kids that just got home from New Zealand saw us with the American football and asked where we got it. We told him from America and he asked us if we were born there and we said yes, and then he was really confused then said.. "Wait, I thought you guys were from Afghanistan?" hahahahahahahahahah oh man........ that was funny. What a goofball. 

Some information about missionary work. I love the missionary work the best. Early last week we had a special training by Elder Pearson of the seventy. It was really really really really really intense. It pumped us up spiritually but at the same time was like a 7 hour rebuking. Oh man it was crazy. I learned a lot to say the least. That'll change my life. After that our week started off really well with teaching lessons, but then we had a lot of cancellations later on in the week so it ended up being a pretty normal week numbers wise. President Simmons has instructed us that we are to make the effort to get at least 2 hours of finding in every day. For finding we can either do tracting or GQ'ing which stands for general questioning, thats when we just go out on the streets and talk to everyone. and we can also go around and contact people who are potential investigators. Sometimes finding can be really fruitfull and at other times not. We tract a lot of really huge rich houses, it is just crazy insane how fancy they are. It's awesome! I think we have knocked on a couple castle doors. It is our belief however, that if we do our 2 hours of finding every day. It works as "miracle insurance". So even if the doors we knock on don't end up working out, since we were obedient, we qualify for miracles else where. Like in member referrals, or a lesson will go really well or something like that. So it all works out :) We haven't followed up on the lady we met while getting the car towed because we referred her other elders. but I don't think it would hurt to give her a call and see how things are going. That's a great idea! I'll do that today. Thanks Dad! 

We did get to watch General Conference last week. It was way awesome! I think my favorite talks were the one by Boyd K. Packer about the little children, The rescue for Real Growth, by Richard C. Edgley. and the one about Natually and Normally sharing the gospel by David F. Evans. 

Sounds like you are all having a fun, happy, productive time at home! I love you all and miss you! I look forward to seeing the pictures and videos of whats going on back in Zion! 

I never forget to keep you guys in my prayers. Keep your eyes single to the glory of God. Because thats all that matters! 

Love Elder Thompson!

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