Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Flowers

Hey Guys! 

I don't know why my email didn't go though last week.. weird! I sent a bunch of pictures with it too. I need to downsize my pictures though. They are too big to send a lot of them at once!  So basically the news now is that Elder Russell got transferred and now my companion in Manly is Elder Ng. It's pronounced like "ing" haha he is from Hong Kong but studied in the states for 4 years so he is fairly Americanized. He went to the U of U so he is a huge Utes fan :) we work really well together. The spirit is really strong when we teach and the unity is good! The other day while we were tracting we got egged!! hahah crazy! It was a drive by but luckily the egg washes out of the white shirts.  So since last week we are set to baptize Decan and Devlin on May 26! They love coming to church and everything! I can't wait! 
My first District Meeting as District Leader went really well! The spirit was strong and we did some really fun role playing. I think it pumped us all up pretty well! 
That colorful bird is a lorikeet, it likes to come to our flat in the mornings and eat our bread! Elder Russell got it so sit on his shoulder! He will probably send a picture of it home. He got send out to a place called Campbelltown. I think he is in a more country area though.. not sure!

I was expecting to be getting a companion who knew how to drive.. when I got to transfers we found out that was not the case. Elder Ng does not have a license... so that meant I had to make the hour drive back to Manly. So scary!!!!!!!!!!! We made it though. Nothing short of a miracle. I've never been pushed so far out of my comfort zone before. Wow. But that's that! I'm driving now.. on the left side of the road. It actually kinda feels natural. Some missionaries have the gift of tongues but I believe I was blessed with the gift of spontaneously being able to drive on the wrong side of the road. 

The story about the car being on fire is crazy! I'm jealous you got to use a fire extinguisher though! I've always wanted to do that but if it were an emergency situation I would probably be freaking out and do it wrong. I'm glad you guys got the fire out. That's a way awesome story. Sounds exciting! I can't believe how fast time is going! I get to call home in a few days. We are just doing phone calls too so I will be calling home on my Sunday so it will be sometime Saturday for you guys.. which I just realized Kannon will be gone for! Lame! I think I'm allowed to call his cell-phone or something though so I think I will do that. Will everyone be able to be there to talk to me? I hope so! I think I'm allowed about 45 minutes or something so be ready! Doesn't sound like the Jazz will make it too far.. oh well at least they made the playoffs again! Woo! haha it's been great to hear from everyone. It really helps me to get emails and letters and things. The mission can be really really hard sometimes but is even more rewarding. And getting to hear from my family makes me even more happy! I miss and love you all! 

Tage/Alison - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 1 year I can't believe it! 

Kolton/Erin - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 11 years! I can't believe it! 

I hope you are all there to talk to me this week! I love you all!! 

Love, Elder Thompson

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