Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday

Dear Mom and Dad and Family and Friends,

I love the picture of my birthday cake!! It cracks me up with the digital frosting put on there! hahaha I loved my birthday present too!! I wear my shirt ALL the time and I didn't blow up my tooth brush charger this time. My mouth feels squeeky clean again!! They don't have an Easter roo.. which is too bad. Lot's of chocolate though! They had friday, saturday, sunday, and today as a public holiday. They really take good friday seriously.  Elder Russell and I went to send off a package at the post office in the mall and it was a ghost town. Felt like we were in the movie I am Legend! 

I can't believe how fast Lydia is growing! I can barely picture her as anything but a newborn and now she is starting to look like a Johansen/Thompson alot! She and Grant are so cute!  I've seen posters all over for the hunger games movie but haven't heard a lot about it though. I REALLY want to see that new battleship movie with Leam Neeson in it!! THAT LOOKS AWESOME!!! It is on like every single bus I see! You say that your job would be good for a dog to have but I'm thinking more along the lines of a parrot! They can talk. The other day I put some bread out on the porch for birds to eat and a lorikeet flew up which is kinda like a parrot. They are really pretty birds vibrant green red blue and yellow. I was watching it eat and it looked up at me and squaked "Hello!" hahahahaha I couldn't believe it!! And neither should you, because thats just a joke... I wish it happened though! 

Things are going well with the people investigating the church. Lot's of miracles have been happening or are now pending. Lot's of the miracles happened on exchanges so I'm not really sure whats going on with all of them. This was a pretty short week because I had a two day long training that I went to near the temple.  Our guy named Deacon with the baptismal date gets home this weekend from new zealand so we are looking forward to that! There are at least 2 others that will hopefully get baptised by the end of May! I'm just so stoked! 

My birthday was yesterday here, but today for you! I couldn't really get anyting yesterday because it was sunday but I DID get myself a George Foreman grill last week :) it's going everywhere with me! Today I will probably go get something good to eat. Some members are taking us out for dinner! I didn't even realize that Tia and I would be having birthdays at the exact same time! That's awesome! Happy birthday Sis!!

Speaking of the Yardleys. Tell Tyrell that I am still waiting for a wedding Invitation please!! Thats awesome that Tyler got called to Detroit! Same misson as President Reed's son Steve!! I wonder if they will get to be companions! Elder Russell and I have probably about 3 more weeks together. After that I should be taking over the Manly Area. There is speculation that I will be training... we'll see what happens though. 

Ya know.. if you somehow were able to vacuum seal that Easter feast you could probably send some to me :) hahaha that sounds sooooooooo good!  I love my misson plaque! Looks awesome! Is that one hanging in the 25th ward or the 8th ward? or both? Hopefully the Jazz do good! If not, I'm still a Jazz fann for life!! 

So good to hear from everyone! Sounds like things are going awesome and fun at home! Keep it up! Good to hear from you too Kannon! How is school going? Still cant believe you took so many credits! Thats gotta be hectic! Oh! you should send me the picture of the hole in your hand! Elder Russell wants to see it! 

Anyway, Love you all! Have a happy Easter!

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