Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November News from home

November 4th
Dear Mom and Dad,
I'll tell you a little about my week.  My core experience with God this week has been for me to be used as a fine instrument in the hands of the Lord. I use the term fine instrument as opposed to tool because of the miraculous work being done. So the man that came last week to church, Brother Havea, a non-member has been learning from us every day this last week and is getting baptized this Saturday. He was the only non-member in his family but has had some life changing experiences lately. For one, he saw his 14 year old sons life change when he was baptized and wanted it for himself. He is a very awesome Tongan guy who is probably one of the coolest people I have met on my mission, or even ever! We taught him 4 times before he was interviewed to be baptized.  It has been amazing to see the gospel change his life. I don't use the word tool in this case because I sorta view a tool as the thing that does the main chunk of work, like an ax chopping down a tree. But a fine instrument could be seen as the sand paper used to finely smooth off the wood after being built into a piece of furniture or something. Brother Havea had been so prepared by other tools in the hands of the Lord, that Elder Bringhurst and I only had to be used as fine instruments to finish off all the formalities. We went to a recent convert fireside last night with the Havea family and it was very nice. I loved it. In one year from now, the family has hopes to be sealed in the temple for eternity and I should still be here to witness it! :) I love the gospel happiness!!
I have learned about hope this last week from the True to the Faith book. Sometimes hope is used in everyday language as hinting uncertainty. But in the gospel, the word hope implies certainty, and unwavering sureness. I thought that was very profound. If you want to learn more about hope, read about it in True to the Faith! 

So glad the family is ok with the storm back east! That has worried me quite a bit! Oh yeah, and the baptism we have this Saturday with Brother Havea is on Moms birthday 10 November! How cool huh? I need to send home a package or something.. what do all of you want for Christmas??  I thought of something that I want if it's not too late.  So... the mac and cheese here is the WORST!! all they have is easy mac stuff that's not even good. I was wondering if Icould get a box or two of quality mac and cheese? hahaha I know, nothing has changed! 

We didn't go tracting or anything on Halloween though. Halloween here is a major fail. They need to rethink their holidays hahaha! We just taught lessons that night, which is something that I would rather do than go tracting. Anyway, look for another email with pictures attached. They are good ones :) Til next week, stay safe and healthy!!

Love, Elder Thompson

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