Tuesday, November 27, 2012


October 21st

Good Evening!   ?
Elder Thompson here again, just checking in from Sydney Australia.  Things are going really well! I love my new companion. I am losing weight, and the missionary work is doing awesome! I love the week you guys had!  I love the new missonary age change! I can't wait til we start getting the new missionaries in here. Maybe I'll even get to train one of them :) I'll tell you a little about my week!
My core experience with God this week was being part of a mass re-activation. With the new standard of excellence of 20 lessons a week we decided to hit two birds with one stone or maybe even three birds. We pushed hard for the twenty lessons by teaching as many planned member lessons, lessons to recent converts, and less active members as possible. We also wanted to create a better atmosphere between the members and missionaries and really create strong, missionary focused relationships with everybody. Elder Bringhurst is a great companion and we work really really well together. I am blessed to be paired with him because we experienced heaps of miracles this week. I think we helped re-activate at least two families this week! Doing this has helped the work a lot. I am thankful for Heavenly Father guiding us to have a lot of success!

Something that touched me at church this week was in the Elders Quorum lesson. The President assigned the lesson to someone that I wouldn't have thought to ask because I wouldn't know if he'd want to do it or not. I know that because of that small little first step it may open up confidence in himself and in the Lord. This was a good example to me by our Elders Quorum president in being thoughtful and having the vision of how to help someone.
Oh yeah, I thought of something else that would be cool to have for christmas or something. The Mormonopoly game! haha... woops.. ha-ha! Also, my retainer broke a few days ago. One of the wire parts came off of the main part.. I'm not sure what to do to get a new one? I would need it soon..
Anyway.. today we are going to the Sydney Observatory to look through a big telescope and watch a 3D movie thing then go climb the Harbor bridge! :) I am so excited! Still haven't gotten a package or anything yet but I'll keep looking! Hope you have a great week!
Love, Elder Thompson

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