Monday, May 20, 2013

April 28, 2013
Dear Makayla,
I'm glad you like Kannon's girlfriend, Randi Ann. If you approve then that means she is really great :) Make sure you make them play lot's of games with you! hahah I'll see what kind of kangaroo stuff I can bring home for you.
Love, Uncle Elder

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week was REALLY slow for the first part, lot's of cancelled appointments and rejection but it finished off strong. We ended up having a really solid week, set a baptismal date, added a few new investigators and did a lot of service for people! :) On Wednesday our whole zone went to the Blue mountains to do service for a disability center. It is a monthly thing. The next morning, because we had some extra kilometers that we could burn on the car this month, we woke up early and drove to the Blue mountains and hiked to a waterfall called Minni-ha-ha falls. It was really beautiful. The falls were probably about 30-40 meters tall and had this really nice pool at the bottom. We were pretty secluded and did our personal and companionship study right there at the base of the waterfall. Did it all in full pross clothes! We have really amazing pictures, I'll send some in another email! :) 

Recently a 23 year old guy named Meki moved in from New Zealand and lives with his cousin. He's only been a member about 2 years and is looking for a fresh start over here. Our goal is to get him on a mission. He wasn't too sure about that idea before, didn't think he knows enough about the gospel but we have been taking him out with us to fellowship and teach people. The ward has really taken him in and he loves it. He is already talking about places he could get sent on a mission if he were to go! I reckon he'll be wearing a name tag shortly :)

So I think I have everything I need for the visa now. Took passport photos and stuff so we're good to go!  I was right about everyone's birthdays and stuff! Just wasn't sure about where everyone was born. Layton is easy enough to remember though! I even knew where both of you guys were born! That's pretty good, I'm proud of myself!  So Dec. 3 as my realease date is just a way rough estimate that just got thrown out the window. We just found out that when the mission splits, the north mission will have a 4 week transfer which will send me home either like half way through November or just after Christmas.. that's if I stay in the north mission. If I go to the south then... I would GUESS maybe getting home 17 December because the new mission is formed on 1 July and if that is also the start of their transfer cycles then that's when I would end up going home, 4 transfers later. Its confusing but at least it makes my going home time a grey area that seems less like a finish line! 

I'm glad to hear the twins had a good homecoming, I got an email from Tanner:)  Thanks for the package number, it would be a bad thing if I got package 1052 or 1222. Yes everything survived really well! For the mother's day phone call I'm not sure about details yet. Maybe we'll talk about it today at zone leader council. I don't predict us getting to skype this time.. we'll see. 

Oh yeah.. Mom I need a favor. We have been asked to give a spiritual thought at the upcoming ward Mother's day party. I want to know what direction we should go with it if we really want to make it an impacting message! Just throw out some ideas and we'll see what we can do :) Thanks! Enjoy your sabbath!!! :)

Love, Elder Thompson

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