Monday, May 20, 2013

Keep on Keeping on

April 21, 2013
Dear Mom and Dad,

Sounds like a pretty eventfull week for you guys! That's good that Tanner got over. I didn't get his email though! It is so weird that they are home now. I am not looking forward to the day my name tag comes off..or at least not looking forward to the feeling. I can't remember when Aaron Hill left exactly. I think he might be home now or getting home in the next week or two. I've been thinking about that. I heard his family moved to Logan. That stinks :( I am starting to kinda get fat. It's just been a bad week though. Not all weeks are like this (food wise). We had KFC like 3 times plus a few other huge feeds. I should be able to lose it playing basketball though, I just turn into a sweat machine. 

That's great to hear about Tia and Daniels farm. Sounds like things are up and moving. I might have to go help out on the farm sometime just to give me something to do! Have they started to build the new house yet?  Yeah I did hear about the thing in Boston. That's really scary. The Syarcuse distance running coach and also a girl that was on my track team were both running in that marathon, Coach Buhrley sent an email saying that they were both ok. One of them was only about .3 miles away from the finish line when it happened. Good to hear they are ok. Hopefully things don't continue to build up there. I haven't heard anything about Korea in a while either, wonder what's going on there. Times are gettting crazy!

Had a few really cool things happen this week that I want to share. We had another baptism this weekend. A young man named Blake. He is 12 and his mom was less active. She was active younger then got pregnant with him at 18 and the guy she married turned out to be a total jerk and she ended up on the do not visit list for years and then they separated a while ago and now her new husband is supportive and really nice. He even came to the baptism.  The missionaries visited that name on the list and boom, she was really awesome. She got work off to come to Blakes confirmation yesterday. First time at church in probably about 13 years and she really enjoyed it! :) 
The other really cool thing was a visit we had with a less active family. They are Maori and the mom gets really nervous to meet new people and has pretty bad anxiety when it comes to social things. She just had dinner with our ward mission leader which was really great and was going to come to a missionary fireside last night but I think her husband had to work. Anyway the miracle was a few days before all of this we went to visit them and had a lesson where they opened up and committed to make some changes. We found out that the dad had been out of work for about 2 weeks and they were struggling. After the lesson we were playing with little a basket of baby kittens and I didn't notice but the dad got a call and went in the house to talk privately. Then as we were leaving they told us that phone call was for him to start work that coming monday (which I just realized is today! haha).  That's not coincidental! As we left we asked them if there was anything we could do and found out that they needed food. so we came back later that night with 3 huge bags of food and other things provided by the Lord. That's the best way I can explain it. 
There are miracles everywhere! There is nothing that can beat the feeling of helping someone. Nothing even comes close!!

I did get my birthday package! I only have a few graham crackers left :) put them with milk in a bowl and ate them! :) I have the card too so you can activate it. I also used my umbrella already to stand in the rain and watch Blakes footy game the morning before his baptism. Everything is used well, even the preserved Sunday comics wrapping paper!! hahaha Thanks heaps!  I look forward as well to the phone call home. My last one, just a few weeks! 

Glad to hear you are all doing well! Hope to hear more good news next week! 
'Til then
Love Elder Thompson!

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