Monday, February 27, 2012

1 month down!


This last week has been really awesome!! We have 3 new kids that we will be teaching so they can get baptized! It's really cool! We also found another family the other day while tracting! We were at that house for over an hour! Gave the mom a book of Mormon and she is interested and has some things missing in their lives that they don't really have answers to. Well I have news for her. She can get those answers!!! We talked about piano and stuff and she showed me this really cool old piano she had and had questions about how to tune and restore it. I got to play it a little bit too but it was in pretty bad shape! We talked about art too! Probably could have stayed there all day, but we had an appointment.. I'm probably going to be teaching lessons to her kids on art and piano :) They are cute kids and were really fun and excited!   I just laughed SO hard about what you said about the sandwiches.. thats brilliant as! 

Thats awesome you finally found some good contacts. Now you can go without glasses and not get them crushed by falling trees anymore! Yay! Plants and flowers grow super easy here. I haven't seen a single sprinkler since being here. Flowers just are randomly growing everywhere! It's really weird. The golf courses might have sprinkler systems though. I'll probably find out next week! I'll be looking forward to emails from unc John! I haven't gotten anything from Tia yet. Maybe I will today. :) Tell Makayla good luck for me! 


Thats super funny about the door handle on the truck! I wonder what will break when you get the outside handle fixed? That's a cool sacrament about music and hymns! I was just reading the Hymn book this morning and never realized that there is a First Presidency Preface and the beginning of it! It's pretty cool! I really love Hymns. Did the congregation sing louder after that meeting? I sure hope so! Oh yeah, did my missionary plaque ever get done? I want to see it if it did! 

Well have a good sunday! Hope lot's of snow comes this week! I'm sure the valley could use some water this year. Who knows, maybe this winter will have been dry enough that bear lake and pine view will get their beaches back! I look forward to hearing from you again next week! Sorry I haven't included a lot of stuff about this week, I forgot my planner again which has my whole week in it! 

Have a good week and cheer on the Utah Jazz for me! 

Love, Elder Thompson

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