Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Update

I'm so glad that E.R. and I are companions too!! Its so comfortable! and we are having so much fun! I'm really glad that Pres. and the Lord trusted us! And yesterday he blessed us with our first two investigators! YES!
AH YES!! Thats the news I've been wating for! A girl :) how awesome! I'm thrilled and I'm sure everyone else is too! Kinda a bummer that I wont be getting anyone named after me though haha I hope the house hunt is coming well! Found any keepers yet?  I'll be praying!
2 nephi?? Holy cow you guys are cruising! Learning anything new? How are your testimonies of the Book of Mormon growing?
Yeah this area is really beautiful! There's lots of rich people. I'm not sure if its a pine or a fern, i just figured it was a pine? The ocean is beautiful and everyone surfs, its cool to watch them! A member took our district to breakfast the other day right by the beach and he spent $245 dollars on us! Holy cow!! I'll have to send some pictures of the area. (yeah I figured i left my sewing kit behind.. dangit haha I guess I'll just buy one for a million dollars here!)
Oh yeah this area used to be a walking/biking/bussing area untill about 2 weeks before I got here and now we have a car so its really nice to drive around! Yeah they call them roundabouts here and they are EVERYWHERE!! stoplights are almost rare!
Yeah people can email me, but I would probably be able to write them longer letters and stuff through mail, just because we only have email once a week and don't have like all day to write people. Yeah if you send mail to the mission office it will be redirected to my flat (apartment) but I emailed you the direct address to my flat last week so you can use either one.
Yeah it's been pretty rainy here but not flooding or anything. I've actually enjoyed the rain though because its nice and cool! I finally got money on my card too! I had to wait about a week before they put money on it! Our flat is in these white brick apartment buildings. It's pretty nice, hot water, beds aren't bad, some couches, and a tiny tiny stove haha all the appliances here are really really small! Australia is basicallly Europe on the other side of the world.
yeah i remember the holdens! That would be kinda scary to go to China, it's so strict and crazy! When that mission opens, the church membership will raise by about 1.5 billion in about 3 years! haha
I heard that the superbowl was a pretty good game! I didn't really care who won, but it's nice to know that the Packers lost to the winners!
Anyway we are working super hard and its paying off bit by bit! Hope everyone is doing well! I pray for home all the time and Love all of you! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!
Love, Elder Thompson

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