Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter of the week


I'm glad you are enjoying my letters! It is REALLY beautiful here!! I forgot to bring my chord for my camera with me today so I wont be able to send home pictures this week! I want you to send me some pictures though! My art pictures that are on facebook I would like to show people. They all want to see my artwork!

Thats cool that Dalton is going to the phillippines! There are a lot of phillipinos here. They love americans and are really really cool. From what I hear, everything there is pretty american. They have to pay for their beaches though! Weird!

Keep hanging in there at work. The harder you work the more you feel success and blessings. I know that the Lord will bless you in everything you do and will strengthen you to overcome anything in your way. All you have to do is ask for help. If you get too bored you could try playing age of empires or something! hahahah bet you're getting pretty good at solitaire though!

Bummer about the house situation! I know they'll get an awesome place though. No biggie. The Lord will definitely get their back and help them to start a family of which he is super happy to see form. The family unit is such a blessing to have from our Heavenly Father and is how we can receive most of our strength and comfort. I'm sure you already know that though! You have created so many lives and families and good people with Dad. Just reading you talk about Makayla, Grant and Lydia is so fun! They are so dang cute!

That's bad what happened to Terrie! It's such a miracle that the Fed Ex guy came to her aid. If there was ever evidence of miracles, that is some proof right there. Miracles happen every single day. I will pray for her.

Speaking of dinners, Elder Russell and I are quite the dynamic duo in the Kitchen! We make some mean sandwiches and stuff! Every wednesday morning is pancake day and we certainly stack it up! I've had really good use of my apron too! Everyone is jealous of it! hahaha


The week has been really good! I don't have my planner with me so I can't remember like anything i've done this week! I cant remember if some things I've done were weeks ago or hours ago! The way time flows is completely skewed! All I know is that this week has been really busy and really fun! and next week will be even more busy and even more fun!! I haven't seen any roos yet but I have seen some pretty cool birds, one cockroach, and some really huge ants! and REALLY huge spiders!!!! I want to see a roo really badly though. I already have a kangaroo coin pouch though. It works great!

Two farewells in one ward?? Holy cow! That must have been really packed eh?? Sounds like a really spiritually packed meeting. My testimony on both of those things that they talked about are becoming constantly stronger day by day. The ABC's of the Australia Sydney mission are: (A)tonement centered, (B)aptism focused, (C)onstantly Improving.

I'm not really familiar with Sherem but I want to study to find out more! As for the rope lesson I really like it and will probably use it soon!

That's really reallly really disturbing what Josh Powell did. He just proved everyone right too. Did he hurt anyone else with the explosion? That's pretty messed up but I'm really excited to hear about the olympics maybe coming to Utah again! I would be 30 years old!!! WOW! Probably bringing my kids to see the bobsled............. weridddddddddddd!

Well I'm going to go round house kick some punching bags now. Till next week!

Love Elder Thompson!

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