Friday, October 12, 2012

Confrence Time

Oct 8, 2012

Hey there! 

Sorry, I have hardly any time to email this week. We had temple day today and my time to email right now is on an iPad while riding back home in a van. I probably won't be able to read your whole email but I will forward you the email I sent to president Howes. 

"My core experience with God this week was the excitement I got to see in the members of the Bankstown first ward becoming great missionaries! We haven't gotten very many referrals lately but this week as we have been visiting more members to teach more lessons, I have noticed that they have become more missionary focused and are looking for people that we can teach. We have even been helping them develope skills and things necessary to reach out to their friends and not be afraid.  At church, there were heaps of nonmembers who came with their member friends.  It makes me so happy to see the work develope, nothing can stop it! 

One thing I admire about my bishop is how humble he is.  He used to be  less active and is a convert to the church.  That being so, he knows that he is not perfect and doesn't ever raise himself up.  Also, he is really young, looks like a young single adult, but is one of the most dignified and polite people ever. What a great guy."

Hope to be able to write more next week! Sorry!!!! 

Love, Elder Thompson
Note from Elder Thompsons mom:  I have been wondering about Elder Thompsons choice of words in saying "My core experience with God  this week..."  after reading this email I realized that he is also sending us what he emails to his mission president.  His new mission president must encourage them to write a core experience with God and also to look for qualities in others that they admire and/or want to emulate, and Christlike attributes that they want to emulate and improve on.  I got to thinking that if I would think about and/or write down weekly, monthly etc... my core experiences with God and Christlike attributes to emulate and look for people whom I admire that I would be very busy thinking good thoughts and be more aware of positive things in my life.  I bet I would feel a lot more gratitude and love.  We are all  promoters of something each day, I need to rethink what I am promoting.  I can better help my fellow man by being a "civilian" missionary and promote love, kindness, help, understanding, a listening ear etc... Those who know me, know I love to talk so the listening ear may be the hardest, that's where duck tape comes in handy:)   This is just an aha moment from the momma.  I sure do love this missionary!!!!!!!!

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