Friday, October 12, 2012

Keep on Keeping on

Sept. 23, 2012
Hello again!

Sounds like another fun week! It doesn't seem like that much fun stuff went on back when I was home but maybe I just didn't appreciate it enough or was too much of a party pooper to get involved! hahah either way, the things you guys all get to do sound really awesome! :) I'm missing out but at the same time I wouldn't trade what I am doing!

Yeah letting virture garnish thy thoughts unceasingly. Thats part of D&C 121:33-46. Since President Howes has been here the whole mission has memorized that section!  Cool stuff.

Oh yeah, so about 3 weeks into the mission I got an ingrown toenail and 6 months later it was ingrown on both sides and really infected and messed up so I finally went to a doctor and he did  surgery to cut out two HUGE chunks of toe nail. Before that, though, I was soaking my foot in epsom salt and noticed that it said it was good for the soil in gardens.That might help out your garden. Look into it! Oh yeah and this last week I learned how to solve a Rubick's cube! haha yes!

My core experience with God this week came in a lesson. Surprise!  I love teaching lessons, probably one of my favorite aspects of missionary work. Anyway, we taught a lesson to someone named Jackie who we found going through former investigators. She is 22 and from Sudan. Weren't quite sure what to teach her so we applied some of the tactics from preach my gospel in the How to begin teaching section. Long story short. Her language wasn't the best and she talked really quiet but the spirit there was really strong. We taught a lot of principles from the Plan of Salvation and mostly helped her to be comforted because she misses her mom who died a few years ago and her whole family is back in Sudan. By the end she said she would be baptized. Would not commit to a date yet though. It's all good. The miracle is that through the Holy Ghost, we were able to teach her and understand her even though we really couldn't even understand her or hear her. I know she felt the spirit and felt hope enter her life. I love to see the change in people who receive the gospel. It just reminds me of how lucky or rather blessed I am to have this in my life.

We had the opportunity to give some service this week.... to a baptist church! Some rude person dumped two dump truck loads of mulch and dirt into their parking lot. They needed help to move it all because all the people at that church are really old. We ran into the guy in charge of it while tracting and he was very thankful for our help. It felt good to help others.  Now I see why you love doing things for others!  I am thankful for opportunities to help others in need and be a good Samaritan. I love my mission!!

Oh yeah, how come Kolton is working in Texas?! Also, keep me updated on the NFL! haha Thanks! Haven't gotten the package yet, it's probably at the mission office. Should get it next week though. For our temple trip our zone travels together on the train to the Sydney temple in Carlingford. Too bad we can't go to Melbourne or Brisbane or anything.  Look forward to hearing more next week!

Love, Elder Thompson

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