Friday, October 12, 2012

It's a zoo out there

Sept 30, 2012


HAHAHAHAH I laughed really hard when I read the part about the Gorilla! That's super hilarious! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at the zoo.  The Hogle zoo is actually a really good zoo, even though it's small. I was brushing my teeth the other night and was thinking about and replaying in my mind when I would sneak up behind mom and scare her when she was vacuuming or something. I couldn't help but start laughing and the Elders in the other room asked why I was laughing hahaha

This week has been really awesome also, as usual.

My core experience with God this week was another one of those perfect timing, perfect placing type of things! The Lord strikes again! It was after district meeting, going to get lunch as a district all together. Had to walk to an ATM that was quite out of the way but did it anyway. When we were walking back, a middle eastern looking man approached us above the train station and started asking us about Jesus. He had been given a pass along card about 6 months ago and still had it.  Long story short. He needed us. He needed God. He needed the gospel.  We invited him to church and set up a lesson to teach him the next day. We taught him and he accepted a baptismal invitation but we did not set a date yet because it will be a long time and a lot of work for him. Apparently he is being medicated for schizophrenia and has problems with drugs, alcohol and other things.  He came to church though the next day but left halfway through sacrament. Not sure why. We still need to get a hold of him and find out why but I'm just glad to be a part of his life.  I pray that the changing effects of the Gospel and the attonement will help him change, because nothing else can.

If I had to talk about which Christlike attribute best describes Elder Honeycutt, it would probably have to be knowledge. I'm really glad to have him as a companion to help me learn things about simple principles that are easily questioned. Especially in this area where a lot of objections are raised, I would have no answer, but I have learned a lot about the truthfulness of the gospel since being with him here.  It's really good.  I hope to stay with him for longer. Things are going really well right now.

Today we are going into the city to some shops, it's a public holiday though so if the shops are closed, we might pop over the the opera house and snap some pics! :)

I can't wait for general conference!!! There's only one rule though, you guys can't tell me about anything that happens in general conference! Because I don't get to watch it until the week after!! Don't spoil it for me!!! :) hahahah this is one of the most exciting things for a missionary. Haven't been to the mission home yet, I go there tonight for zone leader council so hopefully it's there!

Anyway, my time is up. It's been great to hear from you again. Look forward to next week!

Love, Elder Thompson

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