Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day

March 17, 2013
Good morning! for me :)

Yes it was St. Partrick's day and yes I made sure that I wore a green tie! Alot of people or rather everyone I talked to didn't even know that you are supposed to wear green on that day.  And in our flat, I didn't even hear the words "St. Patricks's Day" uttered by anyone! Oh well I guess it's my last one anyway! Oh yeah and nothing was green except for the grass and trees like always! I haven't even seen a picture of a four leaf clover anywhere! :(

So we got an interesting announcement this last week from President Howes, he said that he was told from higher up that we are allowed to email family AND friends now! I think this is a worldwide rule too because a missionary who just came from Milwaukee who was waiting for his visa, said that rule came out there while he was there for just a few weeks, interesting stuff! So if you want to put that on the blog or something with my email then people can just email me now! 

Two really cool things happened this week. Nia got her temple recommend and went with the youth to do baptisms for the dead and is going to get her patriarchal blessing soon! She is a total transformation! Also, Brother Havea who got baptized in November, recently received the Melchizedek priesthood and just baptized and confirmed his 8 year old son! When he did the baptism, especially while saying the words, the spirit was very very strong. It was like invisible lightning that went through the room and I know for certain that it electrocuted everyone who was present in two weeks we have two more baptism and then 3 more set for April! 

I'm glad to hear that what I typed in the newsletter touched someone. I hope that those boys in the 8th ward can be able to make the decision to serve. There's just no other satisfactory substitute. I hope when I get home I can be an instrument to be able to help lot's of people go on missions and just really be converted to the gospel.  

I've got the tax forms signed AND a picture of my pants. I'll be putting the letter in the box today and the picture of the pants in attached. I just have both pairs in one picture.
This Saturday is transfer calls again so we'll see what happens! To stay or not to stay! :) Let me know how Quinns farewell is and if you get this in time tell him I say hi and congratulations and also say.. time to work.

Til next week!
Love, Elder Thompson

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