Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy June

Yup yup! It's been a good week! haha that makes me think of the yup yups from seseame street! yup yup baby, yup yup, family! Well it's a new month so we can drive again! We are going to be careful about how much kilometerage we use though! Thats cool to hear about the video you watched about gardening being related to the gospel. It's true though. Did they make any references to Alma chapter 32? if not, you need to read that chapter. its a really good one which we actually read with a part member family this week :) 

I can't believe how warm it is getting there! Sounds like you should be swimming now huh? Lucky!
My first baptism is this Friday! It is really solid too. Everything is ready to go! I'm really excited. I should have pictures to send next week of it! Yeah it is weird having winter right now, it's pretty cold sometimes but mostly wet. It's not too bad though, I got myself a jacket here which keeps me really warm in the flat. I don't really need anything else clothing wise. I'm all set! The other day we went down into Manly to do street contacting and the rain was pouring down! People were just crowded under the little over hangs outside of shops. It was pretty funny. We met lot's and lot's of interesting people! We met a lady the other week while tracting with heaps of animals. Birds dogs cats, who knows what else! She calls her house "The Ark" hahaha I thought that was pretty clever. She is really nice though and let us come back to teach! 

Oh, so  how do I vote? I want to vote! How's the project coming with the shed? Is it brand new yet or still a work in progress? If you need help, get the missionaries over to help you! ;) hahah

Well it's been a good week! Transfers are next Monday and there is a chance that maybe I will be moving. I would be ok with that, I'm ready for something new. I hope to go to Canberra! It sounds really cool there! Anyway. Keep having fun at home and doing awesome things! 

Love, Elder Thompson

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