Saturday, September 1, 2012

August News

Hey there!

Sounds like again you have had a very awesome week! My week has definitely had it's ups and downs. I caught a really bad flu on Wednesday and was in bed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with a temp. sometimes as high as 102.8! I am feeling well now though so no worries. Still have a pretty bad cough and stuff but at least I can function without nearly passing out or falling over! I'm back to full working health now, finally, so I am very excited to keep on rolling and serving the Lord at a greater effectiveness. :)

Despite being really really sick for most of this last week. It has been a really good one still! The first part of the week was really sweet because when we showed up to teach one of our investigators at the chapel and upon arrival we discovered that she and her member friend brought 6 more of their friends to come learn as well! What a miracle! We gave them a tour of the chapel and then taught them all the restoration. It has been confirmed too, that they are coming again this week! That's awesome news.  We also had a great experience with one of our investigators being baptized on Saturday! Her name is Fane.  She is now the only member in her family, 27 years old she is really humble and loves coming to church! An investigator named Monty was at the baptism and said that he wants to be baptized in 3 weeks too so hopefully we can help him and make that happen!

The mission conference yesterday was really great as well! I got A LOT of notes and great revelation that will definitely help me immediately and for a very long term.  Elder Pearson and Elder Christensen are very inspired men and did a great job of helping our misson. Haven't taught Semu again, he is in a completely different area but hopefully he will still be getting baptized soon. There will be a lot of chanllenges for him but the Lord will provide... like always.

I really like the subject of the talk you gave, Dad. Using preach my gospel is the perfect reference!  I'm really glad that you mentioned member missionary work too. Hopefully it gets the rest of the ward pumped up to do some missionary work too.

I miss everyone and look forward to hearing about all the things going on next week! I love the pictures from camping. Looks so fun and  the kids look so cute!! hahah anyway, til next week!

Love, Elder Thompson

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