Saturday, September 1, 2012

6 months down

Hey there!

Sorry I haven't been able to write any letters home yet. Things have been crazy.  The last two p-days have been zone p-day so we have done a lot of travel and activities and today we got to go to the temple. We had to ride the train so it took a few hours and tonight we have to cut our preparation off a little early because of appointments. So we have to email, wash the car and do our shopping.It's nearly 4 pm and I haven't even eaten anything yet.  That leaves me with 0 min of free time today but I promise I will find the post office next monday and send a package home. By that time I will have the funds to send it too. I have some cool things to send :) One letter per P day doesn't sound too bad. I think I can manage that :)

Sounds like you have all had a really great week! So many things going on I wish I could comment on all of it! The main thing I have to say though is that I miss everyone so much! All the holidays and things sound so fun. I love my family more than anything! Oh yeah... and since when have we celebrated christmas in July??? hahahaha I never even heard of that until a few weeks ago and now I find out my family does it! hahah oh well whatever gives the excuse to gather with loved ones.

My core experience with God this week has definitely been the strength and support that I have received from Him.  Prayer really is a two-way communication. It is interesting to be able to really seek and receive revelation from the spirit, for those that I am in a position to help. I am very excited and looking forward to the time that I have to serve as a Zone Leader. I long to stay humble, teachable, and committed. I am firm in my belief that I will learn wayyyyy more from the Elders that I serve around, than they will learn from me. The bottom line is, however, we can't teach each other anything. The spirit teaches us, through other people. It strengthens my faith in Christ when I observe other people's desire to obey and serve the Lord. When the Holy Ghost comes as the Holy Spirit of Promise, it confirms to us that we are doing the right thing. I know that it can also testify to us when others are doing the right thing, and I am so thankful for that gift that we have from Heavenly Father.

I received guidance from the verse in D&C 121 that talks about faithfulness being stronger than the chords of death. That just comforts me and encourages me to continue to develop the faith that is really stronger than the chords of death. I have been working more on exercising faith lately. Yesterday, Elder Honeycutt and I decided to make a goal for a number of return appointments we wanted to get during finding. We held up our fingers with our goals. I help up 3 fingers, Elder Honeycutt held up 7.  We decided that 7 would be our goal. We worked our hardest and exercised all of our faith. We saw heaps of miracles!! We ended up at the end of the day with 5 return appointments, right in between 3 and 7. I know that the Lord prepared each of those people to be ready to receive the restored gospel.  I am grateful that I could be the tool that He used at that time to be able to reach out to them.

I am excited for my first Zone Leader Training Meeting this week. Once a month the Zone leaders will gather the entire zone to train them. Kinda like a district meeting but bigger.  We also go on a 24 hour companion exchange with each companionship in our zone per month. We also organize district leader councils and work closely with President Howes to keep the mission running smooth. There are 14 missionaries in my Zone and I love them all. I will have lot's of fun. My new area is full of lebanese, muslim and asian people, they are all really nice. For my new mail address it would be best to send things to the mission office.

Elder Kuyler Thompson
Australia Sydney Mission
756 Pennant Hills Road
Carlingford, NSW, 2118

Anyway, It's so good to hear from you as always. Have fun camping for me! :)

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