Friday, September 28, 2012

Labor Day

Hello again,

Holy cow! Sounds like life back in Deseret is pretty awesome! That's awesome to hear about Makayla's baptism and everything. I sent her a letter that I think she'll like :)  Thanks for the Absentee ballot form! I'll get that done soon. Yeah I've tried putting batteries in the camera but they always die really fast and when it does turn on sometimes randonly it says there is full battery. I think it might drain the batteries pretty fast though because of how big of pictures it takes so I will downsize it once I get new batteries.

Anyway, this week has been really good! My core experience with God this week, I would say, was on exchanges with Elder Menzie, one of the assistants to the president. We had scheduled to go see a less active member and teach the restoration that night. We got there and were greeted warmly. We got a little more aquainted with each other and then started to listen to the spirit and ask inspired questions. It soon became evident that the restoration wasn't going to be the most effective lesson to teach. I knew we should not begin teaching the restoration and instead teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just then, his neighbor rang the doorbell to drop off some little pizza things which was perfect because Elder Menzie and I were able to quickly talk to each other and found that both of us had been prompted to teach the same thing. The whole lesson was just so thick and so strong with the spirit.  I bet you could have probably even smelled the Holy Ghost! The miracle is just that this man had the chance to really feel the spirit and hear God speaking to him again. He knew exactly what was to be done and had the desire to do it. I'm thankful for that opportunity.

I grew from the Zone Leader Training in an interesting way. The night before the training I acknowledged once again to myself that I really don't know very much. I'm still a young missionary. How can I be the one teaching an entire zone of missionaries?? I then realized first of all that I am there to be learning from the missionaries that I will be teaching. Interesting how that works but it does. More than that, myself and the rest of them should be learning from the Holy Ghost. That's the real teacher in the situation. I've had the knowledge before that this should be the case, but this time, the spirit really helped me understand how I can step out of the way and let Him do all the teaching. I'm also very thankful for that revelation. I am a true believer of personal revelation.

My email is one day late again because we just had transfers. I'm still in the same area, but in the Zone 6 missionaries got transferred. That's half the zone! It should be fun getting stuff done but I think it will be good.  2 areas got shotgunned. (where both elders get transferred and two new ones come in). They will be training in their new areas too. Bright future for the Mortdale Zone!

Its been great to hear your testimonies and experiences. It is always great to hear about what kind of stuff is going on with all my loved ones back home. Heavenly Father is really blessing you guys. That is very comforting to me.

Anyway, we are going to try to go to costco today and get some american cheese! :)

Til next week! Love you!

Love, Kuyler

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