Friday, September 28, 2012

Kids Camp

G'day Mates,

Wow! I completely forgot about kids camp! That's awesome that Makayla got to go on her first one. Does it feel weird to be doing your own kids camp now? hahah I bet it does. Can't wait until my kids get to go too :) Oh, a couple things I forgot last week: They don't have labor day here, I think they might have something like it but it's at a different time of the year, AND last week was Australian fathers day! So happy Australian fathers day, dad! haha Did Makayla get her letter yet?  Thank you Makayla for your email telling me all about your baptism and kids camp, sounds like some fun times for you!

Thats a funny story about Polly hahah she's probably been looking at that trailer all summer wishing she could go in and explore it! Then she finally got the chance and took it! Just be glad she didn't sneak in there for the camping trip! haha

A little about my week! I had quite a subtle experience with God this week. We were teaching an investigator, Chelsie, who wants to get baptized but her parents won't let her. As of late, she has been pretty discouraged and during our lesson this week with her we really dug at her concerns to try and figure out why she was not progressing or even excited about the gospel. We eventually found out that she hasn't been praying for a long long time and that she has not read the scriptures in a while either. That would explain a lot about why she has been so down lately. We worked really hard to help her to pray right then and there but she would not. I don't know why, but I knew it would be helpful to her. They must be taught the doctrine by the spirit and then it's all up to them to act on it, Heavenly Fathers plan is about agency.   I was moved upon by the spirit to say to her something along the lines of "My companion and I have been specifically called by God, through a living prophet, to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and do everything in our power to help people come unto Him. The reason we are so pursuing in getting you to pray is because if we were to do anything less, then we would be failing God, and failing you. As representatives of Jesus Christ we are here to act in his name and do everything he would do, and I know that if Jesus were here right now, he would be teaching you exactly what we are telling you now." She still did not pray, but I know that the Holy Ghost testified to her of the truth. In saying that statement to her, the reality of my calling really hit me. The things I teach aren't just things from a manual, but they are the teachings of Jesus Christ himself, and when we teach these doctrines with the spirit of the Holy Ghost, it's just as good as if He were to be teaching it Himself. Wow. I am called of God.

A scripture that really touched me this week was I think Alma 34:17 "Yea, and when you do not cry unto the Lord, let your hearts be full, drawn out in prayer unto him continually for your welfare, and also for the welfare of those who are around you." It prompted me to focus on having a lasting prayer in my heart all day. Something with a specific purpose. Obviously I can't be crying unto the Lord all day everyday. You can't get a whole lot done with your eyes closed, head bowed, and arms folded.... especially if you are driving! haha but this scripture reminded me to be prayerful in my heart all day long. I know this will help.

I'm gonna take some good pictures today. we organized a Zone p day at a place called KillaBurger!  They have these massive burgers that are 30 cm wide! I've only eaten there once before but I didn't have my camera but I will this time >:) Anyway! I'm having a great time here doing missionary work! Wouldn't change a thing! I love yous! Have a great week! I'm gonna go look at all the pictures you sent me now :)

Love, Elder Thompson

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