Friday, August 9, 2013

August is Here

August 5, 2013
Dear Mom and Dad

It's only been a few days since my last email huh? Time is flying so fast, every time I look at the date on my watch it is always 1 or 2 days ahead of where I though it should be. Tomorrow is August 6th. That blows my mind! Things are going well here, finally calmed down and everything. Lot's of miracles are happening. We are now working in the Hurstville ward when we have time, we had our first Sunday there yesterday. A random part member Columbian family showed up to sacrament and brought their japanese friend with them. Funny thing is that President was inspired to send a japanese Elder there even though it is a mostly chinese area. That elder was able to talk to her and get contact details so they can teach her. 

A really cool miracle though that has to do with your question, Dad, about whether we help pair up the missionaries. Yes, we are pretty involved with that process. My companion and I, President and Sister Lew, after listening to the testimonies of the new missionaries, go into presidents office and spent about 90 minutes pairing them all up, praying about it and stuff. It is a REALLY cool experience. That is one of my favorite things, I always look forward to it. But anyway, a few days after transfers I was talking to an Elder who was in an area called Camden. He met a member who was from Cowra, which is a small branch that is way out in the bush. This member in Cowra suspected that missionaries were coming soon because they had been helping us look for accomodation out there. They never got around to it, but they were going to request us to send a Filipino missionary out there because a part member recent convert Filipino family just moved into the branch. By this time, Elder Moyes who is training in Cowra had already arrived with his new trainee, who just happens to be Elder Abquina.. from the Philippines. He is a great missionary. I couldn't my believe ears when I heard that. It really sunk in, I know that these transfers are inspired by God. There are so many things factored in that we really have no control over, however, God knows what's going on and it is great to be able to rely on him. 

When the mission split, we had about 80 missionaries. By the end of the year (when I come home) there will be 198 missionaries in the Australia Sydney South Mission alone. WHOA! I feel bad for the person who has to organize all that chaos.. oh yeah.. I have to organize all that chaos. It's gonna be nuts! 

Elder Haeata and I had dinner in the mission home last night with President and Sister Lew. It was really fun, we just feel like really close friends. We talked about dating and how Preach My Gospel is great in the principles it teaches because most of the things can be applied to finding and maintaining a spouse. For example there is a section called "Teach when you find, find when you teach." and President Lew said in real life that is called "Date when you find, and find when you Date." (Finding is when you are looking for new investigators) hahaha anyway, it's been a fun week. This week we have 6 exchanges planned. We're gonna have heaps of fun! :)

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Thompson

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