Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Winters Day

June 26, 2013
So as you know, my email didn't get to you last week until now, things have been great though. This week we are doing a couple of last zone conferences for all the south mission so that Pres. and Sis. Howes could say goodbye. President Howes is giving every missionary a blessing while Elder Hoer and I do a training. It's pretty cool. That takes a lot of energy. Pretty much everything is set to go for the mission split. We're just kinda playing the waiting game for Pres. Lew to get here so we can really take off. He should get here 30 June. Sunday morning. Then we will get really busy again. Right now we live almost an hour away from the mission office.. but when the split happens we will be able to use our new office which is only 5 minutes away from our place. I am really looking forward to the great things that are about to happen in the Australia Sydney South Mission. 

That's awesome to hear about Logan being home!  Derek emailed me and wondered if I would be keen to team up with him and go to USU and get housing together and stuff. We are working a few things out right now. Figuring out the realism of that happening. Praying about it and stuff. I know I won't have enough money to start school straight away though so I will need to work A LOT before I can get back in to studies. I also want to try and apply for federal aid and see what I can get. I'm still planning on studying art education as a major. I also am really thinking of doing photography as a minor and doing wedding photos and stuff on the side one day to make a little extra cash and also maybe make a career out of it or something. It would just give me more options and stuff. What do you think? 

Good luck on City Council! Am I able to vote for that one? I would like to if I can. I will be praying for you. I think it's about time you brought some brains into the City Circus. 

Haven't heard anything about the moon stuff but it really makes sense because last night the moon was HUGE!!! It lit up all the clouds and stuff and looked really cool. It was almost like a sunrise but way different haha 

Well, til next week I hope this thing actually gets to you! :) 

Love, Elder Thompson

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