Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Mission Split Time

July 3, 2013

Hello Hello

Yes ,I'm still alive and kicking! :) things are going really well. To make things clear, I am serving in the Australia Sydney South Mission now. It is a new mission. New mission president, new mission office, new mission home, new everything. The new mission president is President Lew from Lehi, Utah. He is chinese. President and Sister Lew are here and they are AWESOME! I know that they were meant to be my mission parents for sure. President Lew is very very loving and also very on top of things. I was amazed at how when he first got here he knew all the right questions to ask, like things about how the mission is organized and stuff. Things I wouldn't have thought to ask, but which are really important. I feel good because Elder Hoer and I are able to answer about 95% of his questions and have already made some big decisions in the mission. I can really feel the Holy Ghost help me as I perform this very hard task. I have prayed so much for the ability to take on this special assignment and I have definitely felt an in-human source of support. Every night I thank Heavenly Father for helping me do something that I otherwise would not be able to do without his help. It's incredible how much I have grown in just the past few days with all the responsibility. I have felt a new found sense of motivation since he has been here too. He is very fundamental in his teaching and in his vision which is exactly what I think the mission needs. His personality is very personal, he listens very intently and he is fun too. If I could try to describe his personality, the best way would be to compare him to Elder Bednar. That's kind of his style.  And sister Lew is really awesome!! She is very very very short! haha and she is also a marathon runner. She is really fun and loving and innocent and ALL the missionaries love her to death. She almost reminds me of Mary Lou Jewett. President and Sister Lew after our first Zone Conference yesterday took some time afterwards and went out for a few hours with the missionaries to do proselyting with them. That is something neither one of my old mission  Presidents ever did. I though that was really neat of them, they really enjoyed their time doing that too. 

That really freaked me out when you said you were having the Independence day party! It didn't even occur to me that that holiday was coming up. I just about screamed and looked at my watch in a panic! Time is going by so fast!!! If you wouldn't have said anything, I would have gone the rest of the year without realizing that holiday even happened. Wow! That's good to hear about the missionary mall clothes by the way.

Thanks for your comments on my future, means a lot that you support me in whatever I do. There are so many options it's ridiculous! Guess I can pray about it when the time is right and if I don't get a clear answer then I'll take a step down a path and see what he has to say about it :)

Yeah the new announcements on the Work of Salvation broadcast were really cool! Did they show that in your church meetings? Things like using facebook and iPads are being piloted in the states right now and will start going out to other areas.  Uisng facebook and stuff won't reach this mission anytime this year, so it looks like I will never see that stuff used in my mission life but it doesn't mean that I can't use it to share the gospel the minute I get home :) haha that's the great thing! 

Alright I love you guys! Til next week! 

Love, Elder Thompson
Elder Thompson is now serving in the Australian Sydney South Mission.

He has a new address:

Please send all letters to:
Elder Kuyler Thompson
Australian Sydney South Mission
PO Box 456
Mortdale, NSW 2223

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