Friday, August 9, 2013

How are you?

June 10, 2013
Hey there!

Sorry I didn't get an email off last week! :( we didn't get to email Monday night like we usually find time to do, like right now. Then we had zome conferences all week!  8 hr training to about 30-50 missionaries at a time. It was a great experience though. I got to meet ALL the missionaries, it was really exciting. Then the church websites haven't been working for some reason so that's been a little annoying. BUT... I am doing fantastic! Things are quickly heading toward the mission split. Things are getting pretty real and lots of progress is being made. The new mission office and home are all prepared and ready to go. This week we will be planning the upcoming transfers. This transfer will be a very important one because we have to create 3 new zones, decide who will be North and South, and also decide who will be all the new trainers and things like that. It's nearly mind blowing! hahah
We do a lot of driving. In the 5 weeks that I've been here We have probably driven about 6000 kilometers! that's no good for getting excercise :) hahaha 

Tonight we had leavers dinner for two missionaries from Tonga and Samoa who's visa's are expiring. They will stay with us tonight which will put 8 of us in one flat.  There's 3 assistants, 3 fleet missionaries(the ones who take care of temporal needs in the mission ex. cars, flats, vacuums etc..) and those 2. It should be a fun night :)

Lets see.. oh today was fun, we actually got a P-Day kinda! We brought a bunch of missionaries from a few zones into a central chapel and had a big basketball day! There was probably about 40ish people there so we had some good games going on! 

Fun fact, a missionary who served here, Elder Ford, was waiting for his visa to go to his actual mission which happens to be the Utah Ogden mission! He just left a few weeks ago and we saw him off. I got an email from Elder Russell and he said Elder Ford called him up and came over to his house. Apparently he is getting trained in our area! How crazy is that? hahaha If you see him you'll have to tell him that I say hi!

Things are great here! There is a lot of excitement and a buzz among the missionaries as we prepare for the split! I will be busy, busy, busy but I should be able to find time to email. No excuses:)

Til Next time!
Love, Elder Thompson

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