Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Campers

July 18, 2013
Hello! Sorry it's late.

Well here's my decision. I decided to extend my mission to 14 January 2014...... however, by the time I had made this decision it was already too late and Sister Haynes had already did the travel request for 3 December... so that's the way it worked out. Right now, it's looking like I will be home for Christmas. I haven't had my personal interview with president Lew yet though so I will bring this up with him, let him know what my situation was and see if we can make an exception to my travel details, just cancel the itinerary that will come through and book new travel for January. We'll see what happens :) either way I will be satisfied with my mission. 

Anyway, that's not even exciting news... KANNON IS ENGAGED! WHOA!! Good on 'em. hahaha that blew my mind! Even though I could see it coming from a million miles away.. ok maybe not a million, but definitely a couple thousand miles away for sure. That means I'll be the only one left.  whoa... 
so still no details for it, will I be home for that do you think? Either way I don't want to be factored in too much. If they need to get married quick then they don't need to wait for me or anything haha but I do want to be there for sure.  It is also very good to hear about Corina and Trenton! Tell them congratulations for me! If you can give me their address that would be great, I would like to write them a letter if I get a few spare minutes. 

The email from president Lew I didn't know about, Elder Hoer is my companion though so it was probably a copy and paste or something. Not really sure. That's good you got the new address though. you could put it on facebook or something. See if anyone wants to send me a letter or something... I don't get a lot of letters hahaha, but then again.. I don't write a lot of letters! 

Anyway that's some news for the week, there's more but we are really busy still.  Tonight we are going to go set up for a dinner at the mission home. President Lew is having all the stake presidents over for dinner as well as the area 70. pretty intense! And also in August Elder Hamula is doing a mission tour. He is the President of the Pacific area. He is really cool and I should be able to talk to him quite a bit :) Looking forward to that. Well, I love you, have a great week! I'll hear from you on Monday!

Love, Elder Thompson

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