Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Here We Come!

January 7, 2013
Dear Mom and Dad,

Glad to hear your New Year celebration was good! I completely forgot that was just last week. Feels like longer ago. I thought getting back into routine would be hard but it hasn't been too bad. It is actually nice to have it all over with, now people aren't so busy and we can teach them. We set 3 baptism dates this last week. One is a lady from West Africa who we ran into miraculously on the street. We called out and talked to her and found out she went to church in New Guinea. She never got baptised because no one had the priesthood there!  She has been here three years and never found the church and has been getting help from the Salvation Army. She came to church this week though and everyone thinks she is a member, in fact, she has called herself Latter-day Saint for the last few years! Her name is Miriam and she is awesome. The other one is Chelsi, she's been investigating for about a year and a half and her parents won't let her get baptised. She turns 18 next month so that's when it will happen. Her friend Geneva is starting to have the seed of faith grow in her heart as well. The other one to get baptised is a 16 year old Tongan girl named Nia that we tracted into. She has family in the church but also close family who are strong in another church. Her step mom is a less active member. She has always wondered which church is true and she knows now and is excited to come to church and get baptised! Good things are happening! 

So I am emailing late again because transfers were yesterday......... and I'm staying in Bankstown!! yay! Too many good things are happening, I would be so sad to go.  Elder Bringhurst and I  are staying so everything is all sweet! :)

There is a stray cat in our parking lot that is totally wild but is really beautiful. It had a baby kitten recently that we have seen a little bit. The mama cat will always run away and never let you pet her.  It usually hides with it's baby under the cars in the parking spaces. Today when we pulled out I said I hope there wasn't a baby cat under our car. (don't worry the kitty is fine, I didn't run it over) I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a TINY cat curled up in a ball on the ground where the car was parked. It can barely walk and the mother cat had to run away. We went and picked it up and petted it and took some pictures before clearing a spot where no cars can go and then the Mother cat came and got it a few minutes later. That was a nice experience this morning. :) 

Anyway, hope everyone is able to adjust back to working and the daily grind. Hope if you have made any New Years resolutions that you can stay diligent. I haven't made any yet. Probably won't. It's not that I don't need to make any, but that I already have a lot of them so I'll work on that for now :) haha 

I love you, have a great week! I'll hear from you soon!!

Love, Elder Thompson

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