Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy valentines

February 10, 2013
Dear Makayla, It is so good to hear from you. I heard that you made gingerbread cookies. Yummy! I love gingerbread. So guess what? I got to pet and kangaroo and a koala bear and a dingo! I also saw some emus, wombats, wallaby's, talking cockatoos, tiny penguins, and also saw a sheep get shorn. It was a fun day. My favorite thing was being with the Dingo. I'm glad you enjoyed the Christmas presents. I sure enjoyed mine! Keep being good for grammie and papa! Have fun!
Love, Kayak

Dear Mom and Dad,

So yeah as I said to Makayla I got to pet way more than a koala bear! That place was really fun! The girl who came out to feed the tiny penguins afterward was talking to us and I was able to convince her to bring out the dingo for us. I couldn't believe it worked! The dingo is pretty much like a normal dog but is basically a wolf. It was friendly though and could jump really really really high. His name was Boof and he was the biggest one they have. I'll attach pictures.

That's crazy that Colton is home already!! That was so fast. Make sure you tell him hello for me and maybe even get a picture together. That's awesome. Yesterday Elder Bringhurst and I attended a broadcast of leadership training for ward council members from our area presidency. It was a really good fireside and I sure learned a lot! Things that I can apply right now as a missionary leader and also later when I get home and fulfill various callings. As a missionary I have learned that Home teaching is one of the most valuable things a priesthood holder could ever do! Not just to do it because we have to, but to magnify it and go above and beyond. I have learned a lot about the powers of fellowshipping as well. Lot's of good lessons to be learned in life that's for sure.

Last week wasn't too crazy, had a lot of success still though :) This week should be another good one. Last week of the transfer! I would say the chances of me staying in Bankstown are just as good and the chances of me leaving. and vice versa. Either way, I'll go where the Lord wants me to go.

Every time I hear about or read about the 116 lost pages, I always think back to the Martin Harris pageant. I've always enjoyed going there :) I learned a lot and it's always been something that's part of my testimony. Tia was in both the Martin Harris pageant and the Hill Cumorah pageant wasn't she? Anyway, it's good to hear from you all again. Hope you have a great week! Try not to freeze, but still enjoy the snow! hahaha it's way better than this humid nasty gross hotness, trust me! haha!

Love, Elder Thompson

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