Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Cougar

January 7, 2013

Oh yeah so I was thinking the other day about how one day I want to fix up my own car. My baby. I have always had thoughts of different cars and stuff I could do but it just HIT me! I really want that car to be the Cougar. If it is within your bounds of mercy.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not sell the cougar!!! I know it still has another life in it. A new life. A rebirth. I want to help the Cougar be born again. :) hahaha but seriously. I know one day I will have a car that will be my baby. Why not make it a car that we already have, instead of buying a new one? I love that car, and let's be honest, we ALL love that car! I will beg once more, from halfway across the world where maybe it doesn't matter what I say but.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not get rid of the Cougar! 

Thanks :) haha

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