Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tis the week before christmas

December 16, 2012

Seasons Greeting!

This week I guess has been relatively uneventful but still awesome. Brave was amazing!!! We saw it in 3D. Oh crap I thought I didn't have any pictures to send but I forgot I took pictures of the theater. Oh well.   You know what is weird though is that after a year of being on a mission, movies seem SO SHORT!!! We all noticed it. Watching 2 movies felt like we watched 2 episodes of a 30 minute TV show or something. hahaha I can't even explain it. 

We did follow up with that guy, who's name is Saia. He wasn't home but his partner was. She is really really really nice and has a desire to come to church and get baptised and she said she knows it's what would be best for their family. They have a cute little girl :) He had been working extra hard for Christmas money for some people who had him in a private contract and when he went to pick up his pay they ambushed him and he got jumped by like 8 people. Cowards. We told him that the church is willing and happy to help his family out with anything they need, since they are obviously going without all that money. Pretty sick that people would do that! 

I'm still not quite sure what to do about the phone call yet. I will be able to get on this week and check email for a quick minute or two so that we can finalize everything. We are trying to find a place with two land lines that we could both call from. We are also trying to figure out when would be the best time to call. President Howes said something about giving you our mobile number to call instead? I'll have to ask him more about that. If that is the case, then that would work really well. Email me back soon and say when you will have everyone gathered. Hopefully it goes smooth. 

I don't think that I sound Australian yet but American accents are going to sound really weird to me. All of us American missionaries still sound American but it has definitely suppressed.  If I ever get an Aussie companion then I know it will rub off. 

Good to hear that you got my package! I'm not sure if mine is here yet, they are withholding all of our packages so that we can't open them until Christmas conference.  I'm sure it's here though. Still haven't gotten anything from Tia. If at all possible I think it would be awesome to get another one of those costco calendars! This year is almost over and I will need a new one soon :) 

Anyway, if there are any questions just email them to me soon> I will see them later on this week. Otherwise, I will look forward to calling home. I am really excited for it :) I think it will help me out a lot! Hope this week is awesome as well! 

Love, Elder Thompson

Dear Makayla,

I'm glad you went to Santa's Village. I love that place. When I get home we can go on lot's of fast trains and roller coasters. I liked the movie Brave. I saw it in 3D with lot's of other missionaries. What kind of things did you ask for, for Christmas? Guess what? I got a scripture case made out of Kangaroo fur. It is really really soft and fluffy. You can pet it and it feels just like a real Kangaroo. I bet that all your friends will be jealous that you have a cooler Uncle than them hahaha just joking! Good luck on your spelling bee. Hopefully they do not ask you how to spell pseudopneumonia or sesquicentennial. Have a Merry Christmas. I will talk to you soon!

Love, Elder Thompson

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