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Jesus is the reason for the season

December 9, 2012
Hello again!
It's been another really good week! We had a baptism with an 11 year old girl named Crystal. She is Samoan and really awesome. This baptism was pretty smooth thanks to her Auntie who came down from Brisbane and helped us with the program and everything :)

My core experience with God this week, I would say was getting to give a talk on being Atonement Centered. We had a mini Zone conference and Elder Bringhurst and I were assigned talks. It was nice to remember all that the Lord has done for me and write it out. At times I would get emotional writing and thinking about the talk and take a second just to ponder and nearly weep. I'm glad that I had that opportunity.

This week in my studies I was reading in Exodus about the curses of Moses in Egypt and the hardness of Pharaoh's heart. I learned what kinds of things happen to someone who is prideful and how ridiculous is it for anyone to be like that. It really inspired me to heed the warning that the Lord sends and be more humble.
Something else crazy happened too, during the last block of classes, we were in the hall because they were doing ordinations in priesthood and too many people were in the classroom. We saw some sketchy looking Lebanese guys walk past the chapel in a big group and then they walked back the other way and then about 10 minutes later we saw them all running really fast down the sidewalk and got up to see what was going on.  We looked out the window and saw them all running into the church! What the heck! The guy in front (who we soon found out was being chased) was shirtless because it got ripped off. He ran straight to the chapel where the Elders Q was and immediately a bunch of HUGE tongan and samoan members chased out the hooligans. The guy being chased was alright but I took him to the bathroom to catch his breath and wash up and stuff. He had been jumped by those guys when he went to pick up his pay. As I was talking to him I found out that both of his parents are members and his dad lives in America. He is not a member though and there's a lot more to the story but it'll all continue to pan out. Pretty crazy day!  If I had more time I would go into more detail!
It's kinda weird here how Christmas is... it's warm and sunny mostly and shouldn't feel like Christmas but for some reason is does! I guess thats the spirit of Christmas! Sadly, hardly anyone has lots of Christmas decorations and lights on their house and stuff. The animals in the nativity are all the same.  The temple grounds are open every night for visitors and there are a few missionaries there to talk to people. We can't go though unless we bring our own investigator.
Wow, that's awesome about the Bishopric in the 8th ward! Beside Bishop Streeper, that's pretty young!  I miss those guys.
Oh yeah, found out about Christmas phone call, it'll be a 40 minute phone call and I'll probably do it the day after Christmas here so that it will be Christmas day for you guys. Got my pacakge off to home as well. Should be there before Christmas :)
Guess what I get to do today. Yeah I get to watch BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Alright, have a great week! :) I'm sure I will!
Love, Elder Thompson

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